Dry Kon Lon Mein or Kolo Mee

Dry Kon Lon Mein or Kolo Mee


Kon Lon or Kolo literally means “dry mixed” in Chinese. Dry Kon Lon Mein or Kolo Mee means noodles mixed with sauces in a “dry” form. It does can be plain in colour or black. The black sauce and other secrete sauces are the main ingredients used to toss the noodles.



Fresh small noodles/Kolo Mee/Wanton Mee
Some green vegetable
1 cube Tofu/ Tawkua
4 dry shitake mushrooms
1 pc gluten ( I use marinated vegetarian salted duck )
5 fried tofu puff
1 cinnamon
1 star anise
½ tbsp sugar
5 tbsp thick vegetarian mushroom sauce
Light soy sauce to taste
1 1 /2 cup cooking oil
Some Vinegar (Optional)


1 1/2杯食油
少许醋 ( 随个人口味)



1. Soak dry shitake mushroom in warm water until softened, remove the stem then slice thinly;
2. Cut the gluten and tofu in thick slices then cube into 1-1.5 cm cube;
3. Cut the green vegetables into 3 sections;
4. Slice the fried tofu puff thinly.

1. 干香菇放入温水中浸泡到软,然后捞出切成细丝;
2. 面筋 和豆腐干切厚片后再改刀成约1 – 1.5cm见方的切成小丁;
3. 青菜切段;
4. 油炸豆腐切薄.

Making the sauce


Making the sauce :
1. Heat the pot with 1 1/2 cup of cooking oil, add tofu cube and deep fried until golden, remove and drain the excess oil;
2. Deep fried the Gluten until golden, remove and drain the excess oil;
3. Remove the excess oil from the pot, leaving approximately 5 tbps of the oil in the pot;
4. Sauté mushrooms, cinnamon, star anise until fragrant;
5. Add the fried tofu and gluten cube, fried tofu puff, shitake mushroom , sugar , stir well until all combine ;
6. Add 2 cups of water, reduce the flame to low and simmer for 30 minutes until the sauce reduce to half, off the flame;
7. After a while, there is a visible layer of oily sauce on top, other ingredients will be at the bottom part of the pot.

1. 起锅,烧热大约一杯半的油, 入豆腐干炸至金黄,捞出油沥干;
2. 油锅再入面筋也是炸至金黄,捞出油沥干;
3. 把油取出锅,留下约五汤匙左右在锅中;
4. 爆香香菇,桂皮,八角;
5. 入炸过的豆腐干和面筋,油炸豆腐,香菇素油膏,糖,搅拌均匀;
6. 入2杯水拌匀,小火焖个30分钟即可 (汤汁收半后熄火);
7. 过一会儿,可见上一层有油性酱汁,酱料在下层.

Cooking the noodle


Cooking the noodle :
1. Bring a large pot of water to boil, add the noodle, cook until just done; ( its only take a very short time, do not over cooks the noodles, when the noodles started rise on the surface of the boiling water, this is the sign of the noodles is cooked);
2. Remove the noodles with a colander or spider strainer;  place on the cold water, place the noodles back into the boiling water, remove from the boiling water drain the excess liquid and place the noodles in a bowl;
3. Add the oily sauce, toss until all combine nicely. At this point may add a few drop of vinegar if you wish;
4. Blanch the vegetables, remove with a colander, place on top of the noodles;
5. The final step is top the noodles with the sauce ingredients;
6. Gently toss the noodles in the bowl and you are ready to eat;
7. Follow the same steps above; continue to cook the rest of the noodles to the no. of bowls required.

1. 锅中放较多的水,大火煮滚后,放入面条拨散,煮到断生;(时间宁短不长,不要煮到特别熟软,面太软不好吃。看到面在滚水中浮上来这代表面已熟了);
2. 用漏勺捞出面条;过冷水,再次将面条放入锅中过滚水,捞出反复抛起面条控干水分,将面条放入碗中;
3. 加入油性熬制酱汁,快速将酱汁和面拌匀。 随个人口味可加少许醋;
4. 将青菜放入烫过滚水至刚熟,用漏勺捞出,放在面条上;
5. 最后就是将所有的酱料摆在面条上即可;
6. 要吃时,碗中拌匀即可享用啦。



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