Salted Vege with Tofu Soup

Salted Vege with Tofu Soup




• 500 grams of vegetarian lean meat (Frozen package make from mushroom stem)
• 1kg of salted vegetable
• 1 packet of beancurd aka tofu
• 3 preserved plums
• 1 pot of water (about 8 cups)
• A thumb size of ginger
• 2 tomatoes
• 500克素瘦肉(冷冻包装香菇脚制)
• 1公斤咸菜
• 1盒包装豆腐
• 3粒咸水梅
• 1锅水(约8杯)
• 一拇指大的姜
• 2粒西红柿




1) Clean the salted vegetable and slice thinly as shown in the picture. Soak the salted vegetable in large bowl of water, overnight. Change the water occasionally and check the readiness by tasting a little of the salted vegetable. The saltiness should be just right for the taste bud.

2) Slice the ginger and tomatoes cut into wedges.

3) Cut the tofu into chunk cubes


1) 清理咸菜,切薄片如图片所示。

2) 用大碗水把咸菜泡隔夜。如果在白天泡可偶尔换一次水,每次试吃一点咸菜来检查咸菜的咸度。泡至大概不会太咸即可。

3) 生姜切片的;西红柿切成楔形。

4) 豆腐切成块立方体

Cooking Methods


Cooking methods:

1. Bring a pot (8 cups) of water to boil over high heat (I use magic cooker). Add ginger, salted vegetables, vegetarian lean meat and preserved plum. Boil on high heat for 5 minutes and reduce heat to low; boil for another 5 minutes with lid on. Transfer the magic cooker’s inner pot to the main cooker and let it’s sit for 5 hours. 2 hours before serving, add in the tomato wedges and tofu. Let it’s sit inside the magic cooker until its ready to serve.


If you are using normal cooking method; reduce heat to low fire, or enough heat to keep the soup bubbling. Simmer for 2-3 hours. Add in tofu and tomato wedges 15 minutes before heat off. Serve hot. Taste and adjust the saltiness by adding little more water.


1 。热1锅水(约8杯), 我用魔法锅。 把热水倒进内锅里, 加入姜,咸菜,素瘦肉和话梅。大火煮沸5分钟,转小火再煮5分钟,盖锅。把内锅转移到主锅,盖好,放5小时以上。 食用前2小时,加入豆腐和西红柿即可。




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